Wegscheid / Germany 

The prototype of our wood gasification system was developed in 2008, built in 2009 and installed at our company site in Wegscheid. The system produces 125 kW of electrical power and 230 kW of thermal power. The electricity is fed into the grid – as is the case for all our systems – and the thermal energy is then sold to three neighbouring establishments as process and heating energy.

Aschaffenburg / Germany 

In 2010, Holzenergie Wegscheid built a system for a manufacturer of wood for fireplaces in Aschaffenburg. It is used for drying cord firewood. Within four days the wood dries in specially provided boxes – a process that would take a whole year in the open. Not only is it faster and more effective to dry using our system, but it also prevents mould from growing on the wood.

Bamberg / Germany 


Bamberg’s municipal utility uses our wood power generation system to heat the adventure waterpark Bambados in Bamberg. The exclusively heat-controlled system has operated reliably since 2011.

Bayreuth / Germany 

A wood power system generating 125 kW of electric power has recently been installed in Bayreuth, where the thermal energy generated is used for drying wood chips.

Mühlbach / South Tyrol 


Our wood gas system for a laminated timber manufacturer in Mühlbach, South Tyrol was connected to the grid in October 2013. What makes is special: Instead of wood chips, the system is fueled with wood briquettes. This solution called for extensive preliminary research and tests.

Reggello / Italy 

In August 2012, Holzenergie Wegscheid put its first wood power generation system in Italy into operation; the heat that it generates is used for drying sawn wood.

Mulazzo / Italy 


We installed a double system in Mulazzo, Italy in March 2013. The heat it produces is fed into the local supply network where it heats a school, the town hall, a swimming pool and sports facilities, among others.

Sampeyre / Italy 

At the beginning of 2014 in Sampeyre, Piedmont our system was set into operation. The customer, a manufacturer of salami sausage, transforms the generated heat into cooling energy.

Crnomelj / Slovenia 

In the Slovenian site of Cernomeli, recently a double system with 250 kW electrical power has been brought into operation. The thermal energy is used for drying trimmed timber.

Sondrio / Italy 


The largest system that we have built thus far is a six-module system which a sawmill uses to recycle waste wood and produce thermal energy.

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