High energy output : 82% efficiency 

Our systems offer outstanding energy output.
The input energy level generates 50% thermal energy and 32% electrical energy.

CO2-neutral energy production 

The CO2 discharge is climate-neutral as it stays in nature‘s cycle and is consumed by means of renewable wood.

High availability 

With innovative plant technology, we guarantee our customers an annual availability of over 8000 hours. This has been verified many times based on feed-in calculations.


Based on the cooperation with our insurance company in Germany, our systems there are fully insured against machinery breakage and failure, thereby eliminating risks for investors.

Catalytic converter to clean the exhaust gas 

The cogeneration system‘s exhaust gas is clean. The exhaust gas flows through a catalytic converter which filters out harmful substances.

Short distances : Fuel from the forest 

Our systems run on G70 wood chips. These are wood chips from surrounding forests. The distances from the forest to the energy generation site are extremely short.

Continuous operation 
Our systems verifiably run in continuous operation.

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